Dr. Jill Massengill, D.C., C-IAYT, Assistant Program Director

Dr. Jill is a C-IAYT, trained by Essential Yoga Therapy since 1999. She studied extensively with Robin Rothenberg and has taught the Anatomy and Physiology portions of EYT for over 15 years. As a chiropractor, Jill brings a rich array of tools and understanding about how to support clients in health through diet, positional release and movement therapy. She weaves her extensive knowledge into the didactic and experiential processes she leads with the EYT students. As a yoga teacher and chiropractor, Jill brings a keen awareness and understanding of body balance to her teaching. combining the work of: Thomas Myers, Anatomy Trains; Dr. James Chestnut, The Wellness Practice; and Shirley Sahrmann, P.T., Movement Impairment Syndrome. Her unique and diversified approach emphasizes applied anatomy and the way interconnected pathways in the body relate to one another. Jill will facilitate EYT students in developing an in-depth understanding of functional anatomy, the physiologic systems and pathology from a functional medicine perspective. She leads students in explorative processes to understand how and why movement effects the nervous system, and discovering how to stimulate brain function through movement and healthy living through diet and nutrition.

Jill is also trained as a Buteyko Breathing Educator and offers therapeutic yoga at her place of business, Park St. Healing Arts Center. As a business woman, Jill has worked hard to develop marketing and networking skills. She offers great tips for how to develop relationships with other medical professionals and cultivate a clientele network.